Come in-chat, or blog it on here when we get it up, and dont be afraid to ask questions!

We have three rules in chat, and three rules, in-wiki.

Chat rules:

1. Were not E-harmony. No flirting. We may be a dating chat, but unless you know the person you want to be flirting with IRL, save it until you do! This rule includes not being rude (Yes, we know what that is), and staying courteous, and respectful on chat. And no emoticons, were all talk here.

2. No complaining, starting rumors, lieing (Will be judged), Or arguing (unless in-class, and asked to in instructions). Got something you wanna start, and you know it'll hurt them more than it will you? Go spam some other wiki you hate, if they dont mind. Also, this includes off-limit chat, we wont tolerate it if you complain about a settled issue on this. Off-limits chat mechanics of judgement.

3. Stay honest. Admins wont tolerate crude, and dishonest behavior, including small to repeated to massive lies. Any girl you like, most likely will appreciate a guy whos honest. and if shes honest, and she knows you, your honesty will most likely get you a date. This idea is practiced in-wiki. we support martyrs, and their words of honesty! just not the ones who blame others and complain alot. Chat classes are a bit randomly timed. If you see us, feel free to join. Just remember to stay courteous when you come in. No interrupting, okay?

Wiki rules are intertwined with chat disciplines. if your not following wiki rules, your not following chat ones either.

Wiki rules:

1. When you post in the wiki, its either going to be a....

A: suggestion/Idea for us, or our classes.

B: A problem, one problem at a time.And it must be detailed. If its short, and inconsistent with your lady problem (Meaning, if that girl says otherwise were most likely gonna delete it.), SHA-BLAM. Deleted.

C:No reposting, unless given permission. And that means no spam. If its unrelated, its gotta be reasonably logical, compared to the post.

2. Want to edit something that looks like it could use it? First, come into our class a bit, and see how things work. Once you've got the hang of it, we might start you out as a Moderator. There are no chat-mods. If you come in, and theirs no class, its your own problem.

3. Admins CAN and will use the FORCE. While we will normally limit ourselves to be courteous, we dont need to take orders, from anons and crude-talking guests. While Votes will be respected from the admins, We will use our judgement wisely, and be versatile with it. There is no competition on this wiki. You can hang out here, and "chill out", but if your arguing about anything other than a vote, or an unfair judgement your fairly disputing we'll probably "Chill" you with a ban. And dont worry, if you made a mistake, were forgiving. Just tell an admin, and we'll talk to you, and we'll settle it. thats why the biggest ban a mod will ever give will be a week suspension.

So, I recommend you talk with the admins if you have anything to say. we'll be serious and straight to the point, if thats what you need.

Thats the rules, use them, or lose them. (and your ability to come back, most likely.) Peace!

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